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What We Offer

Consultation, Training, Workshops

We provide these services to schools and organizations in four specific content areas:

Social Justice
  • Utilizing SEL to enhance Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work

  • Promoting authenticity, belonging, and compassion at work

Mental Health/Trauma
  • Understanding mental health and its impact on our lives and the lives of our children

  • Recognizing the signs of mental illness and how to help intervene early

  • Understanding and recognizing trauma, specifically

  • Having a Trauma-informed approach toward students, faculty. staff, and/or clients

  • Social and Emotional Skills from theory to practice: Emotional Intelligence skill development for Staff/Faculty/Administrators

  • Schoolwide Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives

Learning Differences
  • Understanding the challenges that some students will need to overcome as they work towards success at school

  • Developing ways to accommodate students and/or classrooms so that more students can find success

  • Delivering classroom modifications and/or accommodations in a fair and equitable way.

  • Helping students overcome some of their learning challenges with specific strategies including ways the learning environment is structured.

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